Date: May 7, 2002
Theme: freestyle warmup

and for my next trick
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Once again, I prove to myself that I'm a reasonably competent musician, a poor arranger, and an awful sound engineer. Overall, I'm happy with this piece. I decided to give in and just make it piano-centric since I haven't quite accrued enough experience to create a good sound with other instruments. As a song, it's not structured particularly well (it has a bit of a hodgepodge-of-stuff quality to it), but the title may excuse that as intentional to some degree. Soundwise, I was able to massage it to the point where it wasn't too quiet or too muffled, but the sound quality still leaves a lot to be desired. (Then again, I constantly hear graphic artists complaining about how jpeg compression has ruined a piece which looks completely fine to me, so maybe the creator is just overly sensitive.)

There isn't much that is especially intriguing from a musical perspective, except for perhaps the judicious use of suspendeds to approach chords that resolve, and the transitions to VImaj7 in the second half, after the listener has been prepped to expect a return to i. The tempo and key changes are more gimmicky than anything else. There was supposed to be a big stirring change at the halfway point (hence the title, actually), but it was poorly executed and ends up falling completely flat. With experience, I'll learn how to do that sort of thing right.

By far, my favorite part is the little piano jam near the end. Like everything else, it doesn't quite fit, but it's pretty fun. In any case, I'd recommend this for a listen.


Punk Plummet
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This started out with a cool strum that I was going to build an elaborate instrumental around. But I was hampered by technology and mistimed inspiration.