WhatchaPress? -- by Bret Victor

The extended character set is cool. It lets you use fancy stuff like "curly quotes", foreign characters, the trademark symbol, the copyright symbol, and all those other characters that give your writing that stylish professional look. The problem is, of course, remembering how to get those characters to appear. You know it's the option key plus SOMETHING... but what? Is the copyright symbol option-"c"? No. Is the curly quote option-quotation mark? No. What are they, then? Well, you could hunt around inside your cluttered desk drawers for some chart to search through... or you could use the WhatchaPress NDA.

WhatchaPress will give you a chart of all the characters, if that's what you want. But it's also much smarter than that. It lets you type a character that resembles the one you're looking for, and then gives you a few characters that it thinks might be the right ones. For example, if you want to know how to type the copyright symbol, bring up WhatchaPress and press the "c" key. WhatchaPress will tell you how to type the copyright symbol, the cents symbol, the cedilla, and anything else that sort of looks like a "c". Want to know how to put an accent mark over a character? Hit the apostrophe key and WhatchaPress will tell you how, in addition to showing you how to make curly single quotes. Want to write about Julius Caesar or the Aegean Sea? Hitting either "a" or "e" will tell you how to make that combined "ae" character. Curly quotes? Just type a quotation mark.

To install WhatchaPress, use the installer, or copy it to your System/Desk.Accs folder, or launch it from IR.