World Time Zones -- by Bret Victor

So you want to call up your good buddy Federico who lives in Madrid, right? But you know he hates to be awakened when he's getting his beauty sleep. So when should you call? How do you know when you both would be awake? Just what time IS it over there, anyway??

Well, as usual, Softdisk G-S comes to your rescue. As well as telling you what time to call Federico, the World Time Zones NDA generally eliminates the hassle of trying to remember how many hours away anyone is, and whether it's later or earlier there.

Using World Time Zones is simple. Install it by using the Installer, or by copying it to your System/Desk.Accs folder. Or you can launch it with IR. When you select it from the Apple menu, you will see a map of the world, with the official time zone divisions marked. There will also be a little red flag showing where you are right now. If it is not in the right place, hold down the Option key, and click where on the map you are. Then, click on anywhere on the map (on the land, which is green), and World Time Zones will tell you what time it is there. If you click elsewhere, such as on the water, World Time Zones will beep at you to let you know that you didn't select a time zone, and so the time displayed doesn't apply.

Have fun using World Time Zones! Federico will thank you for it.