Tell Me -- by Bret Victor

Some may say that Tell Me is a Finder extention. But it is more, much more than that. It's actually two mighty Finder extentions in one.

Both parts of Tell Me were inspired by me wanting to know something that the Finder wouldn't, well, tell me. So I told it to tell me and now I'll tell you how to tell it to tell you too.

I like to keep a healthy clutter of Finder windows on my desktop, especially when copying files and such, but I never can tell which window is which, especially when the title bars are covered up and there's only a little bit of window showing. Problem no longer. With Tell Me installed, move the mouse pointer over any part of a Finder window that is showing (you do not need to click the button; just have the cursor pointing at the window), and then press the "?" key. Be sure to keep the shift key HELD DOWN as you release the "?" key. A little box will pop up telling you the pathname to the window you're interested in. It'll stay as long as you hold down the shift key. When you release shift, it goes away and you can continue working with your new-found knowledge. (Note that in order for this to work, the frontmost window must be a Finder window.)

The second part of Tell Me is completely automatic and requires no keystrokes whatsoever. When I'm copying files in the Finder, I really like to know where I'm copying them from and where they're going to, to make sure I didn't accidently drag them into the wrong window. But the Finder never told me before; it only told me the filenames, not the pathnames or folders. Problem no longer. Whenever you copy a file or files, underneath the Finder's copying box, Tell Me will put a box showing you the source and destination directories of the copy.

Tell Me should go in your System/Finder.Extras folder. Or you can install it with the Installer.

And that's all I'm going to tell you about Tell Me.