PickQuick! -- by Bret Victor

There's probably some folder that you have to open all the time, but it's buried somewhere on your hard drive. And everytime you have to tunnelling through a bunch of Finder windows to get to it, you've screamed out in anguish that there must be a better way. Sure, you could drag the folder to your desktop, but then it's no longer in its original window when you need it there. You could make an alias, but aliases get messy and have ugly icons. Well, now there is a better way, and it's called PickQuick!

PickQuick is a Finder extention. To install it, use the Installer, or copy it into your System/FinderExtras folder. (If you don't have that folder, just create it.)

PickQuick lets you keep a list of your twelve most often used folders, and then simply click on its name to open it up. When you first choose "PickQuick!" from the Extras menu, there will be twelve empty spots because you haven't chosen any windows yet. So open up a window and then choose PickQuick. Hold down the option key while clicking on one of the rectagular buttons. The pathname to the window will appear on the button. Now, whenever you want to open that window, just choose PickQuick from the Extras menu and click on that button, and PickQuick will open the window for you. If you want to make the button empty again, hold down the apple (command) key while clicking on it. Finally, to have PickQuick automatically zoom the window after opening it, hold down shift while you click your selection. (This may be a completely useless feature, but tellFinderOpenWindow returns a window pointer, and I just had to do something with it.)

Note that if the window is already open, PickQuick brings it to the front. If the window can't be opened (maybe because you deleted that folder), PickQuick won't do anything. If the window's pathname is too long to fit on the button, PickQuick will replace as much of the beginning as it needs to with an ellipsis (i.e., you will see the end of the pathname, which is generally more useful).