MightyUnits! -- by Bret Victor

Haven't you always wanted an NDA that could convert almost any kind of units, quickly and easily? Well, now you've got one.

MightyUnits is an NDA. Put it in your System/Desk.Accs folder, or use the Installer, or launch it with IR.

Using MightyUnits is simple. On the left side of the window is a series of radio buttons corresponding to the unit types that MightyUnits will convert. You can convert length, area, capacity, weight, temperature, time, angle, or speed. Simply click on what you want. (You can also use the up and down arrow keys to move among these, or type the first letter of the word.)

On the right are two pop-up menus, which say "Convert from" and "Convert to". Select whatever units you want to convert from and to. Then type in a number and press return or hit the "Convert" button. Your result will be shown where it says "Result". It couldn't be easier.

A couple notes: MightyUnits is, for the most part, accurate up to five significant figures, so that's what it shows you. (Obviously, the actual accuracy depends on the precision of the number you give it.) Also, if your result is very large or small, you may see something like "1.2345e+12". This is simply the IIgs's form of scientific notation, and it means "1.2345 x 10^12". MightyUnits won't use scientific notation unless the order of magnitude is more than 8 or less than -8.