CrossHatch -- by Bret Victor

CrossHatch is a puzzle game. The concept is simple. Gameplay is easy. Winning is very difficult.

The action takes place on an 8x8 board which has been divided into sixteen puzzle pieces. The object is to reassemble the pieces on the board. However, each piece has certain jewels on it, and the jewels must be arranged in a special pattern. The computer divides the board up randomly, so you get a different puzzle every time you play.

To see how to play, simply start the game, and choose "How to play" from the menu. The help screen will tell you all you need to know.

If you should happen to beat the game, you will see a nifty animation and if your time was good enough, you will get on the high scores list.

Finally, if you are having a lot of trouble with a puzzle, you can press open-apple-C to activate cheat mode. This will let the computer place the first few pieces for you (between one and eight pieces), but nothing special will happen if you win. Cheat mode is also useful for getting the hang of the game the first few times you play.