Bunnies and Carrots!
by Bret Victor

Oh, what a poor little bunny you are. All you want to do is store up carrots in your bunny hole for the long cruel winter, but the carrots seem to be randomly appearing and dissappearing amidst a set of sliding, floating platforms! As if that didn't make your job arduous enough, another bunny also wants to store up the same carrots, and will even knock you off the platforms in order to reach its goal! What's a bunny to do?

Bunnies and Carrots is a game for two players. One player controls the brown bunny, and the other controls the grey bunny. The object is to pick up carrots and return them to your home hole to score points for them. If you get knocked off the screen, you lose the carrots you've picked up, but not your points. When the time runs out, the bunny with the most carrots wins!

How to play is illustrated on the help screen in the game. It contains everything you need to know to play Bunnies and Carrots. But here are a few tips that aren't on that screen:

When you first start the game, to see what the default key settings are, choose the configure option from the main menu. You can change the keys there if you wish, too.

Rolling is your offensive weapon. If you roll into your opponent bunny, you will stop and it will start rolling backwards, maybe off the screen. But be careful, because you can't control yourself either when you are rolling. Another way to knock over the other bunny is to pop out of a bunny hole that it is standing on top of.

Be aware that falling off the screen doesn't hurt you if you don't have any carrots. Sometimes it can be a good way to "warp" to the top of the screen to go stop the other bunny.

You can only carry six carrots at a time.

If the score is tied when the time runs out, the game goes into "sudden death" overtime. The first bunny to bring a carrot back to its hole wins!

The escape key pauses the game, and open-apple-Q exits the game. Open-apple and the up and down arrow keys control the internal speaker volume.

I hope you and whoever you play this game with get many hours of enjoyment out of it! HAVE FUN! And if you are interested in why I wrote a game about bunnies and carrots, you can try to find the secret intro screen "Easter Egg".

You can send feedback on Bunnies and Carrots (or any other Softdisk G-S program written by me, Bret Victor -- there have been plenty!) by e-mail to: bret@cco.caltech.edu