Description: doodad and clock display driver
Source: doodad.asm
Wrapper: doodad.c


The Doodad module handles driving the doodad and clock display. The doodad can be set to automatically go through a sequence of patterns, and the clock can be set to automatically keep track of the time.


cokerr Doodad_QueryVersion (char* versionstring)
returns the version string.

cokerr Doodad_SetTime (byte minutes, byte hours)
sets the clock to the given time.

cokerr Doodad_SetTime2 (word minutes)
sets the clock to the given number of minutes since midnight.

cokerr Doodad_IncTime ()
increments clock one minute.

cokerr Doodad_StartAutoTime ()
starts the clock auto-incrementing.

cokerr Doodad_StopAutoTime ()
stops the clock auto-incrementing.

cokerr Doodad_SetDoodad (byte pattern)
sets the doodad to the given pattern.

cokerr Doodad_StartDoodadSequence ()
starts the automatic doodad sequence.

cokerr Doodad_StopDoodadSequence ()
stops the automatic doodad sequence.

cokerr Doodad_SetDoodadSequence (byte* sequence)
uploads a pattern to use. The first byte of the sequence indicates the length of the pattern, and the following bytes are pattern bytes.

cokerr Doodad_SetDoodadSequenceResource (byte rezId)
sets the doodad pattern sequence to the given resource.
Errors: ERROR_Coke_BadResourceID

cokerr Doodad_SetDoodadSequenceSpeed (word speed)
sets the doodad sequence to change pattern every (speed * 8) milliseconds.